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Based on 57 reviews
Favorite Chips!!

Love these chips! Crunchy and delicious!

My Favorite Chips

Great to find healthy snacks that tastes good!

New Favorite Snack

I really like how these jackfruit chips are crunchy and not too sweet. I can eat a whole bag easily. It's a nice healthy and light snack!


Easily can eat several bags in one sitting they're that delicious

Just like the fresh chips in Vietnam!

I've been hooked on/obsessed with jackfruit chips ever since I had them in Vietnam and it's been near impossible to find ones that taste the same in the US. These chips taste exactly like the ones I had in Vietnam! Same texture, flavor and high-quality taste. The chips are mildly sweet and you can tell they source jackfruit of good quality. I also love the health benefits compared to regular chips! Absolutely obsessed with Ting's chips

Where have these been all my life?

I love jackfruit and I' m so glad they now come in chip form! These are surprisingly and incredibly crispy but still retain that deep jackfruit flavor!!! They are simply amazing, I can easily eat 3 bags at once!

Favorite snack for busy days

I love the amazing flavor, awesome crunch and nutrition too ! Perfect for travels and hikes ! Bravo !

Delicious and unique snack option!

It was near the start of Ting’s Chips, and during lockdown in Canada, when we ordered (a case!) of chips to try. I had never had jackfruit chips prior, but my mom does love fruit chips/snacks etc so I had to give this a go and it was great. I’m definitely an “unhealthy” snack eater, and I enjoyed this too!


These chips were better than expected. I've never had jackfruits and so was wary of these chips, but after the first bite, I am totally addicted! Highly recommend!

Finally a Refreshing Snack!

I was shocked they tasted so good. Finally a fun, innovative fruit snack that taste great with good benefits! I can't wait to see them every where! Let's Go TING's....100% Approved!

Insanely Delicious Fruit Chips

Tings are the tastiest 100% fruit snack that I have ever tried. They have a serious crunch like a potato chip and are the perfect balance of savory and sweet. I'd like to say that I use them for different uses but every time I open a bag, they're gone before I know it. Tings will have your entire family smiling and asking for more!


Love the chips! Convenient, and tasty. Shared some and everyone at home liked them. Would buy again!

Love these! New Favorite.

I had had jackfruit before but never jackfruit chips. Loved the chips so much more than I expected to! I loved the texture, flavor, how light they were. I went through all my bags so quickly- it was the perfect afternoon pick me up or treat while I was cooking dinner. 10/10 I want to eat these all the time now.

Tony’s Chips

I got a bag of Ting’s chips and I really like them. These chips are different and unique at the same time. I appreciate the texture and taste. I just care that these products are so expensive. I recommend at least trying them once.

A treat to feel good about

What a delight, the texture on these are so satisfying. Crunchy, slight touch of natural sweet from
The jackfruit and just enough saltiness. We are in love !


Despite my best efforts, I am raising a picky eater. All she wants is snack foods and she turns her nose up at every meal. This kid LOVES Tings.....shhhhh....don't tell her they're a healthy treat! She eats them every day and requests them over almost any other food. She'll even dip them in humus so I can sneak in a little protein too. I am so grateful that these are available locally at the Skagit Valley Food Co-Op. Every parent should know about Tings. Every time I'm snack dad at school or practice I grab a few bags and the kids and parents are always happy with them!

Great product

Love the taste and crisp chips so good


Absolutely love my black tote! I use it all the time for groceries. Can’t wait to use it at the farmers market this summer!

Jackfruit Chips

Wow, all I can say is that I love these chips! They are crunchy and sweet which makes for the perfect snack. I prefer eating these alone but they are great for taking on the go to work or just snacking on at home.


This. Is. A. Good. Snack. And the company couldn't be run by a smart, kinder, more thoughtful human. Buy Ting's!

My go-to crunchy snack!

I've maybe had jackfruit once or twice in my life but these chips are sooooo dang goooood. They have a really unique crispy kind of crunch that's so addicting and a light natural sweet flavor that comes from the fruit. I also love that it doesn't leave any grease or dust on my fingers when I snack like other chips do (I'm looking at you, hot cheetos ...). Find me munching at my desk while I work, on a roadtrip, or at the park!


I have never had jackfruit before ordering these chips and I’m happy to have had such a wonderful introduction to an amazing fruit. I love it! It’s great to have healthy snacking options.

Love them, so does my 1 year old son

Love these, they'd be hard for some kids but my 1 year old son actually loves them, they are kind of like a teether for him. They are a bit harder than I anticipated, but once I tried them they got quite addictively tasty. I nice subtle fruity flavor.

Tasty Snack!

Got a box for my mom and I. I loved them so much by the time I saw my mom there was only one bag left. Haha. Whoops! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a light snack or in the mood for some crunch! I like having a bag by my desk as I go through emails. I tend to go for lighter snacks and it’s nice that it’s not salty or sugary!

Behold - our crunchy, 2-ingredient jackfruit chips: