It's tropical, delicious, versatile, and - let's be honest - a little weird.

Jackfruit is the future in the face of nutrition, climate change, and sustainability, and Ting's is here to give it a platform.


Most of us know jackfruit mainly as a meat substitute. But we're here to break the news: IT'S SO MUCH MORE. From Uganda to India, Thailand to Brazil, the Caribbean to the Philippines, jackfruit can be found in stir-fries and curries, desserts and smoothies, or enjoyed like any other fruit when it's fully ripe! Jackfruit's versatility is seriously unparalleled.

The flavor of ripe jackfruit is storied to have inspired the flavor of Juicy Fruit Gum. Over the years, people have likened jackfruit's flavor to "a mango-banana!!", "a pineapple bubblegum!", "a banana mixed with apple!".

But really, jackfruit tastes like, well, jackfruit.


Sustainability + Food Security
Jackfruit is known as a “miracle crop"! It’s easy to grow, highly nutritious, can survive pests, diseases and high temperatures, and is drought-resistant. In the face of climate change, jackfruit’s resilience under various conditions makes it a vital crop for food security in the years ahead.

Rich in Nutrients
Jackfruit contains almost every vitamin and mineral our bodies need and one of few plants rich in B-complex vitamins - a vital group of vitamins that maintains healthy cell function. Just 10 to 12 segments of jackfruit provides enough nutrients and calories for a whole day!

Giving Back
Not only are we hellbent on giving jackfruit the platform to penetrate the market, we’re also a business with heart. In our mission to achieve food security and our personal philosophy that we can give back no matter how big or small. We work closely with a rural school in northern Cambodia providing essential school equipment, bicycles for transportation, and in the near future: student lunches.

In addition, we allocate a portion of our inventory for donation to food banks and welfare programs in the US. And as our business grows, so will our ability to help.


Our jackfruit is harvested at peak ripeness at our partner farms in Vietnam's Dong Nai province, a region with sub-tropical climates that's just right for cultivating happy jackfruit trees! Due to jackfruit's pest-resistant nature, the plants are never treated with chemicals or toxic sprays.

Palm Oil
We source only RSPO-certified (responsibly-sourced) palm oil from reputable farms that adhere to ethical farming practices in both treatment of land and its farmers. We understand the controversy behind palm oil farming and it's our promise to ourselves and our customers (you) that we continue to make the best possible choices with our resources.