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Ting's Jackfruit Chips | Original Flavor (12-Pack)

Ting's Jackfruit Chips | Original Flavor (12-Pack)

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You've never had jackfruit like this before! We harvested sweet, juicy jackfruit at peak ripeness and turned it into an ultra crunchy chip! Slightly sweet with a savory finish, we're letting jackfruit's natural flavors shine in its mouthwatering glory. 

Each bag contains only 170 calories, 0 trans fat, 2g protein, 25% of daily vitamin C and 15% of daily potassium intake.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Marisa P
Finally a Refreshing Snack!

I was shocked they tasted so good. Finally a fun, innovative fruit snack that taste great with good benefits! I can't wait to see them every where! Let's Go TING's....100% Approved!

A. Scott
Love these! New Favorite.

I had had jackfruit before but never jackfruit chips. Loved the chips so much more than I expected to! I loved the texture, flavor, how light they were. I went through all my bags so quickly- it was the perfect afternoon pick me up or treat while I was cooking dinner. 10/10 I want to eat these all the time now.

Raven Hunter
Tony’s Chips

I got a bag of Ting’s chips and I really like them. These chips are different and unique at the same time. I appreciate the texture and taste. I just care that these products are so expensive. I recommend at least trying them once.

Brian Bundy

Despite my best efforts, I am raising a picky eater. All she wants is snack foods and she turns her nose up at every meal. This kid LOVES Tings.....shhhhh....don't tell her they're a healthy treat! She eats them every day and requests them over almost any other food. She'll even dip them in humus so I can sneak in a little protein too. I am so grateful that these are available locally at the Skagit Valley Food Co-Op. Every parent should know about Tings. Every time I'm snack dad at school or practice I grab a few bags and the kids and parents are always happy with them!

Jackfruit Chips

Wow, all I can say is that I love these chips! They are crunchy and sweet which makes for the perfect snack. I prefer eating these alone but they are great for taking on the go to work or just snacking on at home.