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Ting's Jackfruit Chips | Original Flavor (6-Pack)

Ting's Jackfruit Chips | Original Flavor (6-Pack)

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You've never had jackfruit like this before! We harvested sweet, juicy jackfruit at peak ripeness and turned it into an ultra crunchy chip! Slightly sweet with a savory finish, we're letting jackfruit's natural flavors shine in its mouthwatering glory. 

Each bag contains only 170 calories, 0 trans fat, 2g protein, 25% of daily vitamin C and 15% of daily potassium intake.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Delicious and unique snack option!

It was near the start of Ting’s Chips, and during lockdown in Canada, when we ordered (a case!) of chips to try. I had never had jackfruit chips prior, but my mom does love fruit chips/snacks etc so I had to give this a go and it was great. I’m definitely an “unhealthy” snack eater, and I enjoyed this too!

Ting chen

These chips were better than expected. I've never had jackfruits and so was wary of these chips, but after the first bite, I am totally addicted! Highly recommend!

Cecilia Soto

Love the chips! Convenient, and tasty. Shared some and everyone at home liked them. Would buy again!

Cheryl Herndon
Great product

Love the taste and crisp chips so good

Hedy Y.
My go-to crunchy snack!

I've maybe had jackfruit once or twice in my life but these chips are sooooo dang goooood. They have a really unique crispy kind of crunch that's so addicting and a light natural sweet flavor that comes from the fruit. I also love that it doesn't leave any grease or dust on my fingers when I snack like other chips do (I'm looking at you, hot cheetos ...). Find me munching at my desk while I work, on a roadtrip, or at the park!