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Ting's Jackfruit Chips | Original Flavor (24-Pack)

Ting's Jackfruit Chips | Original Flavor (24-Pack)

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You've never had jackfruit like this before! We harvested sweet, juicy jackfruit at peak ripeness and turned it into an ultra crunchy chip! Slightly sweet with a savory finish, we're letting jackfruit's natural flavors shine in its mouthwatering glory. 

Each bag contains only 170 calories, 0 trans fat, 2g protein, 25% of daily vitamin C and 15% of daily potassium intake.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Insanely Delicious Fruit Chips

Tings are the tastiest 100% fruit snack that I have ever tried. They have a serious crunch like a potato chip and are the perfect balance of savory and sweet. I'd like to say that I use them for different uses but every time I open a bag, they're gone before I know it. Tings will have your entire family smiling and asking for more!

A treat to feel good about

What a delight, the texture on these are so satisfying. Crunchy, slight touch of natural sweet from
The jackfruit and just enough saltiness. We are in love !

Tasty Snack!

Got a box for my mom and I. I loved them so much by the time I saw my mom there was only one bag left. Haha. Whoops! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a light snack or in the mood for some crunch! I like having a bag by my desk as I go through emails. I tend to go for lighter snacks and it’s nice that it’s not salty or sugary!

Ann Thompson
Ting’s jackfruit chips

I am pleasantly surprised how delicious and addictive these chips are! Definitely will be my new snack from now on.

Vanessa Stanley

We love these chips! Jackfruit has been on the up and up for our customers, and these fall right in line. Light, crispy and oh so tasty! Can't get enough. 100000/10 would recommend.