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Ting’s Employee Handbook

Part I: Who Are We?

Every person at Ting’s is a health-mindful foodie do-gooder of the world. We love food. We believe everybody should have some. And therefore, we are on a mission to make sure as many people as possible are eating, or, at the very least, not going hungry.

We are a snack company. We sell one thing (currently) and that thing is… you guessed it: jackfruit chips. Will we be a one-SKU* wonder forever? Doubtful. But at the time of writing this handbook (11/29/2020), we are roughly three months old. So let’s focus on this one thing and sell the heck out of it first, yeah?

*Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is an internally used product code that is used to search and identify stock on hand.


Part II: Our Customers

Name | Meg
Age | 30
Location | San Francisco, CA
Occupation | Graphic Designer & Dog-walker

Meg works freelance. She works from home, from cafes, and occasionally from co-working spaces. For a trifecta of goodness - exercise, animal love, extra dough - she walks dogs in the Alamo Square neighborhood of San Francisco. She enjoys picking up essentials and unique grocery items from Bi-Rite and strong black coffees from cute cafes. Her job flexibility allows her the freedom to travel on a whim to different countries when the urge hits. She’s a long-time yogi, avid reader, minimalist and a lover of bright colors. She is constantly finding ways to make her meals special by exploring new recipes and cuisines by following food publications, bloggers, and Netflix shows.

Name | James
Age | 27
Location | Portland, OR
Occupation | Entrepreneur

James is a scrappy entrepreneur with his hands in the tech scene. He lives by his own rules and schedules work meetings around his outdoor activities. Once he’s at his desk, he can be found snacking on a variety of chips and candies. He loves finding interesting new treats at the grocery store and doesn’t hold back when hitting ‘Add To Cart’ in his online grocery basket. He has a healthy curiosity for different cultures and can eat Thai food 8 days a week. He gets his news updates from BusinessInsider, The Atlantic, BloomBerg and BBC.


Part III: We Are Heard

Your voice matters in this company. You being at Ting’s is no small coincidence. Somewhere along your path, you made some choices and learned some things that we found valuable and could not pass up. And we want you to bask in that power.

We also value the power of shoshin (初心), the beginner’s mind. “It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.” At any level, any stage of our lives, we are eager to learn more.

This also means, we cannot expect to do everything perfectly. Especially not the first time. As a young company, we will make mistakes and that is just so okay. Just as long as we learn quickly and move on without harboring any icky feelings. We’re all on this ship together. Get creative, get messy, but be kind (to yourself and others)!


Part IV: Our Vision

Firstly, we sell jackfruit chips.

Why jackfruit chips? Because jackfruit is tasty, healthy, seriously enjoyable for and by all ages (unless your teeth are getting wobbly) and we want to supply jackfruit in an easy-to-eat way. Keep in mind, these are not your average chips. Our jackfruit chips are made with a special vacuum-frying technology which churns out chips that hasn’t been compromised of its crispy texture while only containing <30% oil than regular chips. Honestly, just watch this.

Why do we sell jackfruit chips? So that we can (1) create jobs for people at a corporate level, (2) provide food for the hungry while (3) offering jack tree farmers a supplemental source of income for their excess jackfruit so that (4) wasted jackfruit does not continue adding to greenhouse emissions and (back to 2) a potent nutrient source can be used effectively.

At our current stage (Nov. 29, 2020), we are in soft-launch phase. Meaning we have started establishing a presence on social media, collecting preorders, and gathering feedback from customers who have requested free samples from us. Once our shipment arrives in January 2021, we will be peddling these chips like we’ve never peddled before and I’m talkin’ online publications, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn articles, Instagram + TikTok influencers.

Our goal is to accrue as many direct-to-customer orders as possible in the first 3 months so that we can start approaching wholesale buyers in Q2 2021 with some exciting data. Positive data means buyers will want to buy. And once we’re in, we’ll have to market the sh*t out of our product so that it flies off the shelves.


Part V: Our Supply Chain

Our supplier in Vietnam sources the jackfruit and palm fruit oil, prepares the chips, packages them to our specifications and ships them off to Oakland port where the shipment is trucked to our warehouse in Northern California.

Our warehouse is integrated with our eCommerce platform so when an order is placed, the warehouse is automatically notified and the order is fulfilled.

That’s currently the long and short of our supply chain. Our working goal is to source the best quality ingredients from sustainably-farmed growers in order to maintain a necessary standard of planet-friendly practices.